About us

 Necessity is the mother of invention, that is what led us to create the Koolhitch.  We are avid outdoors men and women constantly driving all over Texas hunting, fishing, camping and tailgating.  With  that kind of travel comes a lot of gear-- the most important of which is the ice chest.  Often, the truck or SUV is so loaded down we need a hitch tray to put the ice chest on.  We've found this situation lacking.  On a tray there is no way to secure your high dollar coolers to prevent them from being stolen when you have to run into Walmart or when it is time for the game or the race.  For years we have struggled with this problem, then one day it dawned on us that pretty much the only thing people put on a receiver hitch tray is ice chests so why not combine the two, then no one can steal it.  As owners of a metal fab shop, we did what came natural and built the highest quality aluminum and stainless steal cooler ever made.  After, numerous prototypes we got it right.  This cooler has a full aluminum exterior locking handle, stainless steal interior and two inches of closed cell high density foam insulation that will hold ice for up to a week. 

After the first Koolhitch was born, we load it on the back of the truck and took off for a weekend long hunt.  This is when we ran into the second problem everyone has, with a hitch tray, bike rack or Koolhitch loaded down with gear on the back of your vehicle, you can't open your tailgate or lift gate without unloading.  You don't want to move around fully loaded ice chests to get your dog out of the back of the truck.  So, back at the shop we developed the Koolhitch Swing Arm.  When we got that right we discovered that it is not only great for the Koolhitch, but also for bike racks and hitch trays.  We've been told along the way that we are wasting our time and money because the material and skilled Texas labor going into building these ice chest and swing arms are just too much, but we are not deterred--it may be over-engineered, but it's something my great-grandkids will appreciate.  We built this innovative cooler here in Texas out of the highest quality material available and we know that people will see and appreciate the quality and utility as we do.

We hope you love Koolhitch as much as we do,

The Koolhitch Team,

Adam, Buffey and Stacy

Phone:  77HITCHED1 {(774)482-4331}